Home of Julie Anne McRae and George Brown

Fall Cleanup

We read that there should be snow this week, so the garden needed work right away. George got his horseradish out. I brought in the tomato plants. Am trying that ‘hang them upside-down’ trick, but we don’t have a lot of room in the house for experiments like this. They are in my office, hanging from the bookshelves. My office smells like...

Hard frost

Water in the dog’s dish froze nearly solid last night. Probably time to bring in all the tomatoes and hope that they ripen.

Front flower notes

Move the silver mound to front of deck. Move the pearly everlasting early close to spirea? Keep Alexander Mackenzie where he is for one more year, but think about swapping with Night and Day from the knob.

Veggie notes

Cosmos was a waste. Don’t bother planting again. Chinese cabbage. Got 3 crops, and took the early frost OK Keep the carrots away from the fence line. Coach has a long neck. Marigolds weren’t useful as cut flower. Different variety? Zinnias were good. Need to be cut early to promote more blooms. Lasting well in the frost. Cover tomotoes earlier. They needed more heat to start setting sooner. Carnations...

Autumn surely

A windy night last night. Most of the leaves are gone from the birches. There’s not much green left in the trees. Picked two dozen tomatoes, now peeled and frozen. Plenty left on the vines to ripen if we’re lucky not to freeze. Asters, zinnias and statice still content under the plastic covering. Just Joey and Morden Sunrise still have buds.

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