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Veggie notes

Cosmos was a waste. Don’t bother planting again.
Chinese cabbage. Got 3 crops, and took the early frost OK
Keep the carrots away from the fence line. Coach has a long neck.
Marigolds weren’t useful as cut flower. Different variety?
Zinnias were good. Need to be cut early to promote more blooms. Lasting well in the frost.
Cover tomotoes earlier. They needed more heat to start setting sooner.
Carnations were iffy as cut flowers. Too fussy to cut. The pink Stocks were great. Too fragrant tho.
Raspberries need better protection from the horses. Netting isn’t enough.
Install the gates on the new garden fence to protect the corn.
1 row of potatoes is still sufficient.
Peas were lackluster. Beans didn’t get picked.
Less spinach, more plantings of romaine and bok choi
Kelsey sweet giants were great. Better than the Walla Wallas maybe?

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