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Fall Cleanup

We read that there should be snow this week, so the garden needed work right away.
George got his horseradish out. I brought in the tomato plants. Am trying that ‘hang them upside-down’ trick, but we don’t have a lot of room in the house for experiments like this. They are in my office, hanging from the bookshelves. My office smells like dirt.
The snow geese flew overhead this afternoon. George remembers that we saw them when at spring training in the spring. And now we see them in the pennant playoffs. Cool!
When they fly over head in the spring they signal (for me, anyway) that it is time to clean the shed.
Maybe the fall fly-over is time to clean the garden.
Leek soup for dinner. Yum
Let’s see if I can post that pic of George riding. We went last weekend and it was the first time he went with me. Ever! I’ve had Sage for 8 years.

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