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Wind Damage

Yesterday’s storm was indeed a good’un. Mulder and I walked the property early this morning to survey the damage.
One tree across the sauna roof. One across the north pasture fence, too big for me to deal without the chainsaw. I’ll have to rig up some twine to keep the ponies in. Several down across the high meadow. One landed on the green gate (the ‘pencil’ gate) in such a way that all the force channeled into the latch and destroyed it. One of my new ‘drawbridge’ gates got blown open and twisted the pin/pivot. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I invent its replacement.
The trails are surprisingly clear. Only one large tree down on the Ridge Trail. The rest of the damage back there is just tops of trees knocked off and blown down. They shatter when they hit the ground and are easy to clear away. The Camel tree lost a bit from the head section, but I’m amazed the the Witch hasn’t fallen from her seat yet. That part of the tree was dead even before we moved here. She’s one tough customer.
The most concentrated damage is to the west of the driveway. A half dozen or so big ones are down in a small area. Luckily most fell parallel to the property line. The one that headed east/west had lost its top in a previous storm, and fell just a few feet short of crossing the drive. The one that came down as I watched from the house didn’t cross either, but with a domino effect knocked one that knocked another that pushed a green tree directly across the drive. Just a few inches thick, I could easily handle it with the help of Ole (the Swede Saw)
It’s as still as can be this morning. Sunny and clear.

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