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35 below

No Christmas tree or decorations up yet. With the Scourge in the ICU, there are more important concerns. George wants to find floodlights to shine on the evergreens on the knob, thinking that would give the best visibility on the webcam. So check in the evenings, see if we’ve done anything yet.

So cold this morning that I had to blanket Sage. While Coach always puts her winter coat on in September, he doesn’t get fluffy until this time of year. Extra feedings for the next couple days are in order as well. No use shivering away whatever energy they gain from breakfast.

The cats won’t go outside of course but sit and complain by the door. Mulder doesn’t mind a short romp every now and then. We’re keeping a close watch on his back legs to see if last year’s injury and stiffness returns. He has been quite the ‘suck’ lately, following everywhere, never more than a foot away. Even the cats have had to swat at him for getting too close. What bad thing has he done that he isn’t telling about?

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