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Quick, everybody out

The temperature has climbed into the minus tens. Hurray and get all the outside chores done before it drops again. There’s christmas tree to chuck to the birds, horse poo to shovel and haul, decks to clear, and TVs to sled to and from the balehouse. Yes, plural. Don’t really know why we collect these things but there were two poorly functioning sets up in the cabin. Both get tossed in the sled and hauled down to be brought in for recycling. The arrival of the new 37″ flat screen (our Christmas present to ourselves) means the now former living room set is their replacement.

We’ve had only one day of single digit temps since the last posting. This has been a long haul. Minus 36 yesterday morning, and the horses are going through hay a bale every day. They are predicting a real break in a week, but the dog is happy enough with today’s mildness. He’s outside running around like a pup. The past week or two he has been always underfoot and restless. We’re convinced he was going stir-crazy, unsure what to do with his time when it is too cold to patrol the woods.

One Response to “Quick, everybody out”

  1. Lynda says:

    Mulder’s not the only one going stir crazy. It’s been too cold for too long. I’m tired of carrying the blind, deaf & arthritic dog in and out of the house to do his business in minus 25 weather. The middle of the night trips are the worst! The old man will see spring again if we persevere. It’s what all dogs want. One more roll in the grass.

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