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Mild, at last

Levi birdwatching.jpg
Above zero and all is well. The ponies can drink water at any time of the day. The cats can poke their noses out of doors. The dog can stay out long enough to remind the neighbour dogs that he is still in charge. Bark..bark..bark..bark..
A fair dump of snow three days ago had me stuck at the bottom of the driveway. I was planning to work from home the next day anyway, but it is still a bother. At some point in the morning I thought I heard a car at the side of the house – a car finding it difficult to turn around – maybe stuck? I wasn’t expecting anyone, and surely no one would come up my driveway when my own car is parked at the bottom, with no tracks to show the way up. Don’t call me Shirley, because someone did indeed venture up. I looked out the office window to see them spin and spray their way back down the drive. I bet they rang the doorbell that isn’t connected yet. Silly people.
Broke the ski trail today. Well, made an attempt to at least. What a miserable experience. The snow was so sticky it was more like going for a walk in deep snow with concrete blocks for shoes. I know it has to be done, the breaking trail, but it really is unpleasant, as leisure activities go.
You may not have guessed but raking up horse poo is actually easier when the temperatures are nasty. Today’s pluses made it slower to collect, harder to draw the sled and less tidy, but it was nice to be outside without a hat. As George instructs, “Life is a series of trade offs”

2 Responses to “Mild, at last”

  1. Lynda says:

    Thanks for breaking trail. Will Geo be doing an along-side snowshoe trail? Just caught Coach’s video – I had no idea she could move so fast – must be the feed ;)

  2. JA says:

    No appearance of the snowshoes from George just yet. We’ll need to check that trail out too, what with the new fence line put up by the neighbours. Sigh… so much to do

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