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Day Two – where are you?

While disappointing that 4 or 5 couple scheduled for Sunday were unable to make it, the rest of us gamely soldiered on. Welcome the Brunattis, Rachel’n’Brent, Heather and welcome back the Kovats. More skiing, souping and curling of course. Is is true that Bob and Jennifer never lost a game?
Pork roast, bison roast, sweet potatoes, salad and yes, another frosted cookie. I forgot to put in the cabbage rolls. Mea culpa.
The soups this year were Beer,Bison&Onion and Corn,Pumpkin&Lime. The Sunday addition of Seafood Etouffe went over very well.

Frolic 09 – Day Two from JAMcRae on Vimeo.

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