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Getting ready to leave

The suitcase is packed and zipped. Just need to put a few things in the carry on and I’m ready to go.
Does George have the tickets? He was the one that booked this flight right? Hmm… must ask before it is too late. Still no toner for the printer at home, and there will be much stamping of feet and “i told you so’s” if this is not set right before the last minute.
The Phlight is to Phoenix this year, with different ball teams to visit in the Cactus league. Grand Canyon for natural history and Tombstone for some gunslinger history. George has a cigar factory located already and on the must-see list.
Visit the new Flog to read up on our travels. I couldn’t keep up with the hacker that was getting code in the old site, so I just torched it and started over, importing all the old posts and combining all the travel logs into one – Geo, JA and Flog. I like the new photo gallery settings. Must remember to bring that over this site.
Hopefully the housesitters will take me up on my offer and post to the Compound Blog while we’re away.

One Response to “Getting ready to leave”

  1. Lynda says:

    I, too, am packed and ready to take flight!

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