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For Snookie

Snookie asked if a pdf could be stored and downloaded on a wordpress blog. I knew it could, but wanted to test the steps. There’s a Media menu in the admin section. ‘Add new’ to upload a file. Or if you have FTP log in to your website folder you could upload directly to there without entering WordPress. Embedding the link is available when you create your post entry and just as easy to do no matter...

Greg’s Fledgling and Farewell Post

Well the time has come to pack up my things and say goodbye for now to my refuge in the trees. Midge is on my lap purring up a storm while I type this. I

Day 2/3 at the compound (Sue)

Day 2/3 at the compound Sue’s notes. On Friday morning  as I suited up to go feed the horses, I noticed they were dancing about the corral and kicking up their heels a little different from the other days, when they stand staring at the house to see if there’s any human movement. When I went out it seemed a bit cool, but not as cold as Thursday, when it was snowy and windy. The horses were happy to...

a day at the compound (Sue)

Wednesday: left Calgary a day late due = to a surprise ‘spring’ snowstorm. Arrived around noon after stopping in = Red Deer (heavy fog),  and Millett for groceries. (How does that = huge store stay open? I was the only customer).  Julie’s instructions say ‘ a roan = mare,  and a grey gelding’.    I don’t see anyone = when I arrive.  oh...

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