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a day at the compound (Sue)

Wednesday: left Calgary a day late due =
to a surprise ‘spring’ snowstorm. Arrived around noon after stopping in =
Red Deer (heavy fog),  and Millett for groceries. (How does that =
huge store stay open? I was the only customer). 

Julie’s instructions say ‘ a roan =
mare,  and a grey gelding’.    I don’t see anyone =
when I arrive.  oh oh..!     When I call  =
(‘Heeerrre,  Horsie’s!),  they run in from the fields.  I =
see a brown horsie, and a white horsie.   ..don’t know nothin’ =
about roans and geldings.   The brown one likes the carrots I =
brought.  The white one won’t come near me.

The ‘shy’ cats are all over me.  =
(Literally. I could knit a cat from what they leave on me !).  They =
flop on my laptop mid-email,  crawl under the blankies while I’m =
sleeping,  sit on the chairback behind me.  They like =
treats.  I like givin’ ‘em to them.   ..my buddies for =
life.     I can’t find a pet-brush to comb them =

Muldar sleeps all day, then when the =
lights go out,  he goes out in the front yard and =
barks.   ..seems the other dogs on the street like to do the =
same thing. Somehow a comforting noise.  ..wonder if the other =
folks think so.   Hopefully all those barking dogs would catch =
a burglar, if one decided to visit the neighbourhood.

I see a big new fancy tv,  but =
can’t figure out how to use the gol-darn thing.   There are =
more remotes than channels, and more remote buttons than stars in the =
sky.      I need a PHD  in =
tv-remote-ology.  Good thing I brought up a bunch of books  =
..(like there aren’t any here (!?)).

Thursday  : Big wind and snow last night.  temperature =
dropped,  and no bright sun any more.  My car is a big dirty =
frozen block’o’ice. Will it start when I leave on Saturday?   =
It’s an Ontario car, and doesn’t know what a block heater is.

  I feed the horses at breakfast, =
lunch and dinner,  so they keep their heat-generators on.  The =
nice beaten path to the corral no longer exists.  I’m glad of the =
hip-wader boots by the back door.

  Can’t work very well here. The =
internet speed is great,  but the cell-phone keeps dying =
mid-call.      I think I’ll take tomorrow =
off.  hurray!

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