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Day 2/3 at the compound (Sue)

Day 2/3 at the compound

Sue’s notes.

On Friday morning  as I suited up to go feed the horses, I noticed they were dancing about the corral and kicking up their heels a little different from the other days, when they stand staring at the house to see if there’s any human movement.
When I went out it seemed a bit cool, but not as cold as Thursday, when it was snowy and windy. The horses were happy to see me, and as I fed them carrots and hay, I saw that their mouths had little icicles hanging,
..their eyelashes long and frosty.
..it wasn’t ’till I got back into the house and looked on the compound website that it was
-30 !!

I tried starting the car in the afternoon. It was sunny, which made me think that the car would be =
It took about 20 minutes to get it going. I opened the door and yelled to Muldar to join me to a jaunt to the mailbox. He provided the extra back-seat ballast needed to go out the driveway without slipping into the slough.
I think he was disappointed at such a short drive

Saturday morning started snowing again…couldn’t get the car started, so I went and got Julie’s hairdryer, thinking I would warm up the engine that way.
(don’t know how safe that was(?)).

I tried it one more time and it started so went slowly on my way. That was the worst driving I’ve done in a long time. I took the back roads (highway 2A), where everyone was going 60- 80 kms – couldn’t see 10 feet in front.

..all the way to Red Deer – then sunny as ever. ughh.

Next time I baby-sit – I’ll do it in the spring or summer.   It was fun.

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