Home of Julie Anne McRae and George Brown

Snow Geese reminder

We heard the snow geese flying over head today. They return in swirling, squawking flocks. That’s the signal to clean out the shed. They don’t touch down, but they bring us messages just the same.

Mr. Brown buys a BBQ

(and JA assembles it) This thing is enormous. It has the side burner extension and rotisserie and a 2nd cooking rack and…It’s natural gas, so we’ll have to figure out where to put it and how to get it connected.  We did plan for this when the house was put together, so an extension of the gas line does reach this back corner. But I...

Spring on the Pond

Four fat geese, and two ducks. It’s definitely spring when the ducks arrive. I hope they enjoy the curling rocks that we left out on the ice (and the shovels, and the scoreboard, and the corner posts…) Every year. When will we ever learn.

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