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Mr. Brown buys a BBQ

(and JA assembles it)

This thing is enormous. It has the side burner extension and rotisserie and a 2nd cooking rack and…
It’s natural gas, so we’ll have to figure out where to put it and how to get it connected.  We did plan for this when the house was put together, so an extension of the gas line does reach this back corner. But I can’t imagine all will come together smoothly. That’s just not our way of doing things.

Weather is still pretty chilly, although the days are already noticeably long. I swear it was before 6a.m. when I opened my eyes  to a well lit morning. Time to start up the morning chore routine before work. That garden isn’t going to turn itself over you know.

3 Responses to “Mr. Brown buys a BBQ”

  1. randy says:

    I now suffer from barbecue envy. Help me Jebus!

  2. randy says:

    Kudos to JA for her assembly skills.

  3. John says:

    Hmmm. Sage is gettin’ on in years, and you put in a BBQ big enough to cook a . . . . . . . . HEY WAITAMINUTE!!!!!!!!

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