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Read quickly, before it melts

It rained a little bit yesterday. Much, much needed rain. But the cold front must still be around, as there was ice in the waterbucket. Thick ice, that I could rap with my knuckles. The pumpkin plants look distressed, and the corn plants are already frostbit from two nights ago.
I felt like Almanzo Wilder (Little House on the Prairie Series:Farmer Boy), where with brothers, sisters, Father and Mother, they race to save the corn crop by pouring water on each frozen plant before the sun rises and kills it. I sprayed the entire garden with water, crossing my fingers.
Hopefully the corn will survive. It would be awful to have two years in a row with no results (remembering that last year the horses got in and ate all the tops a week before we were ready to start eating)

If the geese hatched here this year they are already gone. Probably as soon as the kids were big enough to walk. I wish them luck. Even though our pond is dreadfully low, it has more water than most ponds in the area. Maybe they will be back when they’ve done the tour.

3 Responses to “Read quickly, before it melts”

  1. randy says:

    I’m glad you got at least a little rain. Too bad about missing the goslings.

  2. John says:

    Sure hope the corn survives. Cursed cold climate! THANK GOODNESS for all this greenhouse effect, OOPS meant global warming, OOPS meant Climate change . . . . what do we call it this week?

  3. JA says:

    You do see me glowering your way, don’t you?

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