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The underclothes first

Not exactly the kind of photos my mother would want me to post on the internet, but hardly racy enough to fret over. Cotton twill for the corset with a nice stripe visible in the weave. Wow, does that fabric ever press nicely. The corset trim is a pre packaged binding tape with lace. I bought it for a bedskirt years ago. But no one will notice it’s missing from the side of the bed that is up against the wall, right?
I didn’t purchase a busk (the authentic front fastener) but used hook and loop tape. Maybe if I were to make another, but the cheaper alternative is just fine for my humble beginnings. For boning I used cable zip ties and for now the back is done up with a heavy bootlace. I’m a pioneer or a backwoodsman, I guess :)
I think I need to cut and shape a bit lower under the arms. And I might have to shorten the bottom front point as well.
My upper arms look fat – You can tell the horses are grazing in summer as I have little opportunity to lift hay bales.
A bit disappointed with fitting the petticoat. The front and side front were way too big. I had to enlarge all four darts and even the two seams to get it to lie flat into the waistband.
As last year, I’m turning sheets into clothing. It was rather convenient to use this square fabric – practically like working with graph paper! I love the look of all the fullness in the back.

I haven’t sewed anything on backwards or inside out yet. Although I put the corset on upside-down once….
Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer play in the background while I sew. I’m onto disk 2 of season 2. I’ll need to borrow more seasons from Sue if I’m going to make it to the end of this outfit

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  1. Mom says:

    You may post here but NOT on the internet in general.!!
    Talent galore!

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