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Meet your Local Wildlife Week

Or as some of my pets interpret – *eat* your local wildlife week. The beavers continue to take down trees on the opposite side of the pond. They fall into the roadway, but the critters are good enough to come back and eat the tops. They do ont, however, clean up the mess of trunks, nor do they replant. Mulder got skunked last Tuesday. Phew! What a nice send off for the visiting Sue. I came home from work to...

Cranesbill Geranium

A true geranium, these came from Tim many years ago. Very hardy. The dog sleeps on top of them as winter warms into spring. Then they start to grow and push him off.

Vote For Brandon Inge


Well of course it is raining…

The peonies are in full bloom. Heavy rain and blooming peonies naturally go together. Like Godzilla and Tokyo.We won’t say a word against the rain however. It can take down two dozen blooming shrubs if it just fills up the pond again.

The Big Year

A tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession Following several birdwatchers attempting a “Big Year” where they race to spot more birds than the next guy. Some catalogue with cameras… (the birdwatcher) joined the circle around the bird and put his camera in. He took his camera out. He put his camera in and clicked it all about. He got his Yellow Rail and he turned himself around. That, he thought, is...


Peonies came from Rev.Dynomite. No particular variety. One shrub doing very well, but the slower one was nipped by the late frost and only has half the foliage & buds

William Baffin – Explorer Rose


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