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An Edible History of Humanity

The history of food. Agriculture – humanity’s worst mistake ever, so the author tells us. We were better off as foragers with more free time, less labour, better health, taller, stronger, etc. etc.
And corn (George’s people call it maize). Did we shape it over the years to suit us better? Or did corn take advantage of humans so it could leave Mexico and cover the entire planet?
Food as a weapon- Sherman’s infamous ‘March to the Sea’ and Napoleon conquering of Europe (until Russia, that is)
All very interesting, except for the narrator’s voices. When reading the majority of the book his voice is quite pleasant, very National Geographic. But when he is reading quotes he tries to imitate the speaker and is a dreadful failure. Scottish, French, German, African, Spanish, Italian, whatever it is I can’t listen; it’s almost insulting.

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