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The overskirt


Once I had the underskirt sewn I was completely in love with the fabric. I knew I didn’t want to sew the long overskirt that was in the pattern I had bought which would only cover it up. What is called a ‘butterfly overskirt’ was more of what I had in mind, but didn’t want to order another pattern, so I sort of made my own. It’s not perfect, and probably not terribly authentic at all, but I’m happy with the results. It’s pleasantly pouffy, but doesn’t take away from the green skirt much. I saw a fashion plate on the internet that looked something like what I made, but I can’t find it again. I hope I didn’t imagine it…

Since I took the photos above I’ve made a little bit more alteration and the train loops up to spread out slightly more. And I’m sure I want to include a bow on each side in a dark solid brown. The victorians were big on bows. I think I’ve seen skirts that are more bow than fabric.

I can tell that it’s a made up pattern – the pieces don’t flow naturally, but no one else will know, and it is so bunched up and poofy that it all works out just fine. Loving it so far!

2 Responses to “The overskirt”

  1. Hi! It’s a little after the fact, but I thought I’d just jump in and say that draping your own overskirt is completely authentic! So don’t worry about not being period correct :)

    Btw, I hopped over from Belle Alley (I lurk), in case you were wondering where this stranger popped up from. You did a marvellous job.

  2. Mom says:

    Where did you get the fabrics? mot from sue’s dress?

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