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The underskirt

DSCF4535 2


The fabric is divine. Just a little bit shiny and bright, and drapes beautifully. Only drawback was matching the pattern across the seams. On one side front panel I matched dead perfect at the top near the waistband, which I thought was clever, until I remembered the overskirt would cover it. Doh! The next side panel I used my head and matched lower down. I don’t think it’s too noticeable that they aren’t identical.
Every single piece was cut individually so I could hem and haw, and deliberate and hesitate the placement of the seams. Blech! It took four episodes of Buffy (Season Two) just to cut out the fabric.

I read about dust ruffles that go underneath a train, and from the photos I saw I knew I just HAD to have one of those, so I modified the skirt pattern to extend the side backs & back pattern pieces to be half an ellipse. It extends about a foot or so longer. It’s dreamy!

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  1. Mom says:

    Hem and haw! A tongue in cheek comment!

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