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Sage picks Saskatoons

Sage picks Saskatoons

I said yesterday morning that I was through with picking Saskatoons. It’s been 5 weeks now, I’m tired of picking the darn things. I have in the freezer over 30 bags, 4 cups each. That should be enough to sprinkle on cereal for a year right?
Sage must have heard me because he’s been quite good about staying out of the bushes. He can have a few now, I won’t yell. Mot too many….they aren’t good for ponies. Funny that a horse that doesn’t like carrots or apples likes berries, but he’s always been a strange one.
The chokecherries are coming on now, and there are millions and millions of them all over the property. Not good for eating, but they can be pressed for juice (wine, syrup, jelly and the like). We’ll see.

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