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Saskatoons and raspberries

This must be a banner year for saskatoons (and the wild raspberries aren’t too shabby either). The sask. berries are giant and the bushes are loaded. I’ve been picking for days and days.

Purple Pavement rose

We bought this shrub a couple years ago, and it hasn’t bloomed until now. Last year I nearly tore it out as dead. Fortunately I waited. The leaves are similar to the rugosa roses so I imagine eventually this will be one of the large shrubby roses. Fingers crossed.

Here comes the freight train

We’ve named it the freight train many years ago – that wind that comes up from the north-west. The sound it makes as it rushes through the trees and down the path carries portent – and usually brings trouble. This particular storm worked its way across the province, found its way to the Compound, and after entertaining us it struck Camrose with less entertaining results. Mulder did OK, likely...

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