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Our state fair is a great state fair

And George and I aren’t too shabby either.
This Saturday was the Millet Harvest Festival Fair. Mainly it’s a bench show. George said a few weeks back that I should enter my 1879 dress, and since we were doing that, we might as well enter some other classes. George entered eight photography classes and won five ribbons. I entered a photo as well, plus a lace shrug that I knit this winter along with my costume and won a ribbon for each. How about them apples!

The sewing project won first place but the prize is a little silly because there was only one other item in my class of “Sewing – Other”. I was up against a pillowcase. A lovely pillowcase to be sure, but… well… have you seen my outfit? Here’s the funny bit though. The pillowcase also won a first place ribbon. I brought in my costume on the dress dummy, and it stood at the end of the table several feet away from the other entry. I think the judge forgot she already gave the pillowcase first when she reached the dress and gave out another. :)
The knitting and photography ribbons were more honourable wins as they had plenty of competition. My lace won first with the comment “lovely consistent stitches” and I defeated the socks (de-feeted?). The photography classes had more entries than any other. George’s photos garnered two first and three seconds with good comments about capturing difficult, unusual and well thought out shots. We came home with $20 in prize money too, so the Florida fund gets the benefit.

Animals - Second place, JA's entry

Animals - Second place, JA's entry

I took photos for my own reference of the flower entries so I’ll know how to enter those categories next year. My garden is lovely, but didn’t really have good enough stuff to show off this time around. For most categories you need three of any one thing, and they should be of uniform size. With this year’s lack of rain, I’m lucky to have one of any three things. Next year though!

3 Responses to “Our state fair is a great state fair”

  1. Mom says:

    Beauties all!!!
    Is that you in the silhouette?
    Congratulations on the lovely prize windfall!

  2. JA says:

    Yes, the silhouette is me. We were at Honeymoon Beach, our perennial favourite, outside of Dunedin. George thought it was fitting to put our winnings in the Florida box since the majority of the photos entered came from there. We’ll go back and take more!

  3. Lynda says:

    You truly are a renaissance woman! Impressive.

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