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Voyage West

Voyage West, as Virginia named it, has concluded. After Vancouver, (stopping back in Calgary to pick up Adam), and then Yellowknife for “you-may-be-the-government-but-I-am-your-lawyer” meetings, the travellers flew in to Edmonton.
Adam helped me to fence in the back meadow, formerly known as Lac St. George (the ‘lac’ lacks water and now grows tasty forage). Sue arrived on Friday and we all worked in the gardens to prep for winter. Happy as can be with a pair of pruning shears, Sue was given the nod to cut back the hops growing on the garden fence. Her dislike for the pernicious vine was apparent, and fueled her thorough eradication. Virginia and Adam built a willow trellis for William Baffin, a hardy climbing rose from the explorer series. And we moved a peony. It’s always a gamble to mess with the delicate perennial. Will it bloom next year? Or will it punish me for the intrusion and turn to dust?

2 Responses to “Voyage West”

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

  2. randy says:

    Cutting down the foliage for fall is always such a sad time. At least having family to help is a bonus.

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