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more snow

Crimony. Still cold and still coming down. I’ll never get the poo out of the corral at this rate.

He knows if you’ve been bad or good

The tree is up and decorated. And for all that we laughed at its scrawny branches, it doesn’t look too bad. Completely understandable that when it is minus 30 and you’re tree hunting in the wilds of Rocky Mountain House, you aren’t going to be as particular as you might have been in Christmases past (passed? past?) Christmases gone by. I’m in charge of the lights. Then the first to hit the...

Decembrrr at the Compound

George found this online at Canoe to share. Environment Canada, says temperatures in the Edmonton area early Sunday morning were among the coldest anywhere in the country. The mercury dipped to a frigid —46C at the Edmonton airport, making it the coldest place in Canada. With the wind chill, it felt more like —59C. It crushed the same day coldest temperature record of about —33C set in 1968. For those of you...

Minus what?

Holy crap. Minus 37 degrees this morning when I went out to feed the ponies.

I saw three ships come sailing in, On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day

Posted by George. Some wise men followed the star of the east to find the manger; I followed a Christmas tree east to find home. I was coming home from work Thursday, Dec. 10 and thought I saw a newly decorated house on Secondary Highway 616. I noticed it seemed to be very close to the road. As I approached it became clear I was following a rogue parade float. Now that’s something you don’t see every...


I was going to launch my new design for the Compound website but as soon as I had it in place I thought it still had too many missing pieces I thought I’d tackle the problem of getting a live feed from my webcam – something that is in the manual, but I always figured was too tough for me to figure out. I was right. I think I killed my webcam There’s snow above my boot tops, and its minus 30. The...

Short Snorts

That’s what Hugh called them. His column of bon mots.

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