Home of Julie Anne McRae and George Brown

Goose on a hot tin roof

  We think this is a first. Two geese were spotted this morning on the sauna roof. Getting a bird’s eye view, I suppose?  They were there for about 20 minutes, arriving sometime after I came in from feeding the horses.

The Prodigal cat

Midge returned before the snow did. She smells of wet leaves

Photos from George’s birthday

Video done by Randy. George turns 50, and Bob turns 50 minus 1, let the bells ring out, let the banners flare ...

Gone Walkabout

The party was too much for Midget, she’s gone walkabout again. For a cat that wants to be a princess, sleep on pillows, and be fed bonbons, she has the annoying habit of heading into the bush for three – four days at a time. I hate when she does that.

Migratory visitor

We had a new traveller stop at the Compound pond last night – a Ross’s Goose. Just one, perhaps separated from his flock somehow. He seemed to make friends with the lone Canada Goose that was also visiting at the same time. They swam together, padded over the hummocks together. Maybe they both needed a little reassurance that, although all their respective buddies had disappeared, just one other strange...

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