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Let it snow (Reprise)

It wouldn’t be the weekend after the May Long Weekend without snow.

Dear Mr Leyland

I try each morning to make Detroit Tiger’s olde English D in my coffee’s foamed milk. Some days are better than others.  But the boys aren’t leading the division. What gives? I wear the lucky shirt. I work late so I can watch the games that start at 5 p.m. What more can a Tiger fan do? I have discovered that every day that I work on the...

Let it snow

It wouldn’t be a May Long Weekend without snow.

Lake McRae, crowded and noisy

What meager water our pond holds must be the only stuff available in the neighbourhood. There are seven or eight pairs of geese trying to stake a claim. Good heavens are they ever loud. And they start at 5:30am.

One dormer in 38 seconds

Timelapse of the dormer constructions. Boy oh boy, it was up and down the ladder a bazillion times. It turned out nicely – the roof line matches the rest of the hip rafters very well. Apart from screening and a little decorative fascia, I plan to leave the sides and front open. Once I had all the plywood in place and I stopped to relax and watch a ball game, I looked up from below and swore a blue streak. I...

Something in the wind

Windy day, and hot.  I’ve been hearing sirens up and down the highway all day long. I bet there are some out of control brush fires in the county.

Weeding with cats

It’s like when you’re reading the newspaper, and the cat has to sprawl across the pages. Levi loves that I’m back in the gardens each morning. All the more opportunity to flop on the ground in front of me and demand attention.

How ’bout them angles

3 common rafters, 4 hip rafters, 16 jack rafters – and I still have to figure out how I want to frame up the entrance area (where the 4th common rafter would have been). We want some kind of dormer – skylight – thingy. I’ll do that in 2x6s so it won’t be so heavy looking – and bonus – easier to cut the angles on...

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