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Here Kitty, Kitty

Walking to the back meadow and a sudden rustle in the brush betrays the location of the neighbour’s black cat, visiting AGAIN. Why isn’t he running away? Why does he have more white than he did yesterday? Why is he stamping his feet.Uh… that’s no kitty… step away from the skunk.

You’re looking at what?

The farrier stops by this morning, gets out of his truck and as I’m walking off the deck he says “What have you got here in the backyard? Can I take a look?” You can see the gazebo from a certain part of the front road because the approach is a much lower elevation. I’m chuffed that he has noticed, and happy to give a tour.  Chris walks down the steps saying “I’ve got to put in...

Enough with the pucks already

Finally hockey is finished. Time for baseball to get some play on the telly.

The mosquitoes are coming

Quick, get the walls up. The skitters are small, but they will only get bigger now that we’ve finally had rain. Finished Saturday putting down more pavers to make the floor fit the larger footprint. Assembled the west wall yesterday. It fit so tight when I lifted it into place that I had to knock it in with the sledgehammer. Good for keeping out...

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