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The mosquitoes are coming

Quick, get the walls up. The skitters are small, but they will only get bigger now that we’ve finally had rain.

Finished Saturday putting down more pavers to make the floor fit the larger footprint. Assembled the west wall yesterday. It fit so tight when I lifted it into place that I had to knock it in with the sledgehammer. Good for keeping out bugs, and really firmed up the structure. One more of these across the back and she won’t wiggle anymore. I meant to have also put that one together already, but I miscalculated – again – and am short 4 12′ 2x4s. Sink me!

The front and east walls will each have an entrance. So I still have to do up some sketches on how to frame it.  Doors, as a rule, are a pain. Happily, I think we’ll finally get to use that salvaged french door that has been stored in the shed for 10 years.  Sigh! Another point for George who insists we keep EVERYTHING.

Two window screens are made up so I can get an idea of how they’ll fit, and what sort of trim I’ll need to set them in place. 14 more to go, I think. Plus something creative to screen in the gable.

The shingling still isn’t quite finished. Needs the ridge caps, and a little bit of flashing where the dormer sides meet the roof deck. Ma’s earlier comment about the lip around the perimeter catching snow – the lip was only there for a temporary foothold while clambering about on the plywood. It has already been removed.

3 Responses to “The mosquitoes are coming”

  1. randy says:

    JA, you’re my heroine. I still haven’t finished the basement trim from five years ago and here you are pretty much singlehandedly erecting this structure. Lynda and I look forward to christening it.

  2. Mom says:

    Measure TWICE cut ONCE! boy have i wasted a lot of fabric by not following this rule. But lumber probably costs more. Shall I send you a new ruler in your Christmas bag???

  3. JA says:

    Oh Randy, I won’t finish the trim on this either for at least five years. We’re all the same.
    And Ma is a teacher not a carpenter, or she would have said tape measure or framing square instead of ruler. I didn’t measure anything wrong this time, I just didn’t count high enough, and purchase the correct number of 12-footers.
    So many drawings… it’s a must to make the shopping list from the current plan, not previous ones.

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