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You’re looking at what?

The farrier stops by this morning, gets out of his truck and as I’m walking off the deck he says “What have you got here in the backyard? Can I take a look?”

You can see the gazebo from a certain part of the front road because the approach is a much lower elevation. I’m chuffed that he has noticed, and happy to give a tour.  Chris walks down the steps saying “I’ve got to put in something like this.  Did you build it yourself?” So I’m going on about the square footage, and the roof and he looks back at me a little puzzled.

I realize now, he’s not looking at the gazebo. He’s looking at the gravel steps. The steps that we built 12 years ago?!? Made from scrap lumber we found on the property?!? He turns back to glance at the gazebo and shrugs “Yeah, I should build one of those too. But these steps. How did you put these in?”

Too funny.

The steps are probably the very first project Geo and I built here. They aren’t anything special, and actually need some work –  looking a little shabby. Chris just liked that they were simple boxes filled with gravel.   Not so easy to shovel the snow, perhaps. And when fresh, the gravel is a little loose for good footing.  But nice drainage, nothing special for lumber requirements, and they fit right in to the sloping landscape.

Chris has seen my baling twine fences. He’s opened the driveway gates made from a futon sofa frame. He told me once “You’re just like me – you’ll make something out of anything”.  I  like that.  And by golly, I will.

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