Home of Julie Anne McRae and George Brown

Clever monkey

We were watching a movie out in the gazebo last night, when some movement behind caught my eye. I looked up to see Midge peering in the gable dormer window (which I had, just that evening, screened in). My monkey-cat had climbed the step-ladder and was exploring what, until then, was territory only for squirrels and birds. Levi, snoozing on a chair beside me opened his good eye and gave her a dirty look. “Show...

Smarter than a sack of hammers

With all the building I’ve been doing, I really should be better at driving in nails. Still, the straight and true eludes me. Exasperating.

Excerpt from Wilder

It was three days to Independence Day, the fourth day of July….The air was still and cold that night, and the stars had a wintry look. After supper Father went to the barns again…..When he came in, Mother asked if it was any warmer. Father shook his head.“I do believe it is going to freeze,” he said.“Pshaw! surely not! Mother replied. But she looked worried.Sometime in the night...

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