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A “Fair”ly good day

Yesterday was the Millet Fair and Geo and I did well again. His results so noticeably dominated the photography competition that when picking up our prize envelopes at the end of the day the nice lady recognized his name right off. “Oh, you’re the fellow with all the nice pictures” My lace cardigan came in second to a pair of socks because my buttonholes were too big. Darn it. My rose placed second...

Rocking Horse

I rode Coach yesterday morning for the first time since the arena was cleared properly (Thank you tractor). She’s such a good mannered horse, and her lope is so smooth. So very smooth.  I rode around and around saying outloud “You beautiful girl. What a lovely girl”Sage is such a plug by comparison.

Ice for your summer drinks

Hail storm came in from the east yesterday evening. I knew something was coming because the dog was stuck to my knee. Not a helpful arrangement as I sat on the floor with a glue gun, an opened package of 1500 gold sequins and a poofy pink tulle skirt, attempting some crafty work. (More on that in a later post) Power outages just as Cabrerra was coming to...

Hot diggedy

I told myself I had to get the car paid off first. Technically there are still a couple months to go with that, but who wants a tractor in October?  Oh, I guess maybe for clearing snow. Friend and advisor, Doug Hutchison, gods rest his soul, counselled many years ago that I should purchase a Kubota.  I went with the cheaper Sears, belt-driven,...

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