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Dog Tired

There was a brief period of good skiing conditions before all the good snow was turned to mush by our unseasonably warm weather. Unfortunately it was so brief, it ended before I went out on Saturday and Sunday. I had good intentions to complete the loop, but there’s more to do this year than last – what with The Scar and the new fence...


Snowed in ’til spring

Meter reader was just here. He looked at the south side of the house and looked at the north side of the house. I stopped him before he even made an attempt to cross over. Apologized that I hadn’t finished the path yet. He asked “maybe by March?”


Dining experience

Didn’t you always think that Goldilocks was terribly rude when she scarpered off after being discovered by the Three Bears? My definitive source of the text says: “The window was open, because the Bears, like the good, tidy bears that they were, always opened their bedchamber window when they got up in the morning. Out Goldilocks jumped, and...


Pretty please, with snow on top

This weekend’s snowfall is the most I can remember since we’ve moved to the Compound. I thought I’d document it with a gallery of photos “Things with snow on them” The gable end of the gazebo all but disappeared. The outdoor lights that edge the top retaining wall are a foot below the surface – makes for an eerie glow. If there was ever a year to purchase a tractor with a FEL,...

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