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Play the licence plate game. Emphasis on the word ‘game’ for those who feel I make too many ‘rules’. (mutter..mutter..)

Sorry Meter Man

No trail to the meter for the reader this month. And it’s still blinkin’ snowing.


Play the license plate game over on the Compound web site. Lynda, are you reading this? My mother misses your input

The Webcam is live again If I ever have another computer crash and I can’t remember the internal address of the camera, please remind me. is the router, and I went up by 1’s.   Thank heavens I didn’t set it in the 200’s or this day would never come.  And I think checking to make sure it was plugged in helped when I went through the series the second time around (punctuated by much swearing...


Play the Licence Plate game on the Compound Site.

Welcome to Facebook

I’ve gone and done it now. Joined the mob. It’s a research project, I swear. How many other people can say they’re getting paid to log onto Facebook? And when I post here, I’ve installed a plug in that will auto post over there too. I need to know for my web customers how well the plug in works, and what it posts, when it posts etc.  It’s a research project, I swear! I can’t be...


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