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Off to Spokane

Didn’t have any time until today to pack, but we’re finally set to go and the house is clean for our usual housesitter, the Scourge. Should be on the road at 7 tomorrow morning. Follow along on the Flog as usual, if you wish. We see the Tigers play the Mariners on Tuesday and Wednesday. But apart from that baseball reference I don’t think this is going to be anything like our usual spring trip. For...

If you love something, set it free

It’s not my shirt, it’s not my coffee mug, it’s me. Gods help me, I’m the Tigers curse. So far this year if I watch a game, any part of the game – they lose. Usually right at the point where I join in. Heck there was one game where I went outside to feed the ponies, and Detroit surged ahead. When I returned to my seat they fell apart again. But if I don’t watch, don’t...


Odd weather we’re having

Odd – in terms of year number, that is. I pulled up the archived CompoundCam photos – shot at noon every day since 2007. April 3rd, this year to last is so different. I know I was installing the gazebo rafters this weekend last year. If it were this year I wouldn’t even have found the lumber pile yet. But check the years in order. There’s a pattern. Hooray for 2012. 2011 Comp

The ballpark experience

Celebrating Saturday at the livingroom ballpark, with Compound stylings of Spring Training Chi-Cubs Nacho Chili Cheese dogs. That’s a dog with chili, salsa, onions, nacho cheese and topped with corn chips. Yummy! One doesn’t bite into one of these as much as they slide it from the plate into their gaping maw. And you can’t stop eating it or it will continue its slide right on down your shirt. I...

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