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The silver lining

I wouldn’t have found the berries are ready for at least another week if it weren’t for those dastardly horses. The later season berries usually taste better than the early ones but nothing tastes better than the first. And when they are sunshiney warm…(insert homer simpson drooling over food sound...

Where are we now?

Running up and down the highway apparently. In front of cars even. Frack!

Bunny spam

This comment made it through the initial spam filter on “Hopping Cauliflower” Comment: Its about time smooene wrote about this. It cracks me up. Not only because they figure this is generic enough that they can use a robot to place it everywhere it finds a wordpress comment block. Not only because it makes me giggle to pretend for a moment that someone honestly thought it was ‘about time’ the...

Hopping cauliflower

Aparently rabbits much prefer cauliflower plants over bok choi, mustard greens and even lettuce. They have nibbled leek tops too but the caulis are gone, baby, gone. What kind of dog lets rabbits in the garden? Shame, Mulder. Even an old dog should be able to scare a bunny.

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