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Millet Fair 2011

Tea time arrangement - First place :)

George won more first place ribbons than i did, but I received more ribbons and more prize money. George says that makes him Curtis Granderson and I am Ichiro. That’s OK I guess. I’m a big Ichiro fan.
I was disappointed that my asters only came in second, the judges comments tell me I removed too much foliage from the the stem, and that is not correct for competition. I’m positive I read that I was supposed to take those darn leaves off.
George’s horseradish won of course. I dug up the roots Thursday afternoon, he ground them up when he got home from work at 10:00pm and I had it in the boilin’ pot to process the jar by midnight. That’s fresh!
My chili sauce didn’t place, and didn’t even get a comment. Hmph! Doesn’t the judge know that my mother says it’s better than hers? The recipe is from George’s Aunt Sharon, and if she weren’t already dead, the news woulda kilt her.
This year’s knitting project was a winner. The judge knew how blinking hard it was to work in all that stranding, and keep the tension even. I have to thank Sue again for the Christmas gift certificate to Fiddlesticks for their lovely silk yarn.
Oh, but my disappointing Saskatoon pie. “Keep trying”, read the comment, “This needs more bake time.’ Dough! By golly I’ll get them next year.

2 Responses to “Millet Fair 2011”

  1. randy says:

    Picture right never centre subject likely refers to rue of thirds which Geo followed. Judge is an idiot. Congrats on the wins. Make enough to pay for the photo prints?

  2. Lynda says:

    That is a beautiful arrangement JA – I love that you used the blue flowered cup as the accent.
    I’ll just put forward now that I am willing to taste test every Saskatoon pie you bake. Truly, not a hardship at all. Yum! Congrats to both of you!

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