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George made the paper

George's photo in Flower single - Dahlia

From the story about the fair in this week’s local paper:

The Bench Show, coordinated by Irene Knull, displayed an astonishing collection of items in many categories….One of this reporter’s favourites was the large and wonderful photographic display. The submissions by Vicki Pyle and George Brown were not the only fabulous entries, but definitely some wonderful, artistic ones!

Yes, generally, we mock the Flyer. Earlier in the story the writer gave “cudos” to the parade marshal. But I won’t poke fun more than that or I might come across as jealous. ;)

Photos if you missed ‘em.

One Response to “George made the paper”

  1. randy says:

    I love the phrase this reporter. Makes me think of press cards stuck in fedoras. Too bad we’re talking the Pipestone Flyer, a paper where quality is but a pipe dream.

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