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Frosty, foggy, flowery

Frosty, froggy morning

Hard frost this morning, thick on the roof and crunchy on the lawn. It took out another pumpkin plant. We finished the last of the sweet corn yesterday so no loss there. The flowers held their own.
The fog over the pond was gorgeous, and another photo as the sun cleared the trees. It’s unusual that the pond is both still and clear, the duck weed all at the east end. Reflections are a rare but welcome sight.
Yesterday I sat out here to have my coffee. Today may be lovely, but too chilly to sit and muse.

3 Responses to “Frosty, foggy, flowery”

  1. Sonny Elliot says:

    Frost ?!?! What the…???

    makes for a nice picture, though.

  2. Lynda says:

    My, that looks so serene. What a lovely place to have coffee..or read…or think

  3. mary foster says:

    I really loved your pictures . Especially the water side one.

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