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Water water everywhere

I was cleaning up some photo files and came across a shot of the “pond” in the fall of 2009. I was shocked and could hardly remember how bad it was at its worst. So in Monday’s 7th inning stretch I went around and took a current photo. Let’s compare the two.

Pond 2009

Pond 2009

Pond 2011

Pond 2011

The first photo was with George’s wide angle lens so mine isn’t a perfect comparison, but you get the picture. We believe it is certainly as filled up now as it was when we moved here. And I’ve been canoeing and lassooing every weekend to ensure we’ll have clear areas for curling this coming Frolic.

2 Responses to “Water water everywhere”

  1. randy says:

    Huzzah for curling this winter though we should also keep the Frisbee golf since not everyone can curl at the same time.

    But forget about winter sports for the time being ‘cuz the boys of summer still play. I caught a few innings of yesterday’s game and the Tigers are on the rebound. Here’s hoping they can keep the momentum going when in Texas.

  2. mary foster says:

    Love your pictures. Keep it up.

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