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Moonlight shadows

I’m sure that i used to enjoy skating, once, although i’m equally sure i was never very good at it. The loop is nearly ready for the Frolic and i couldn’t resist a spin under the full moon.
Is it possible to put skates on the wrong feet? Jumping monkeys, but my heels are sore, and my laces not nearly long enough to do up the boot properly. I have hopes that the dark hid my flailing arms and shuffling feet from the neighbours. I didn’t fall, which is better than I can say about my breaking the x-country ski trail yesterday. (The east end of The Scar is quite a steep hill!)
Still, one must enjoy all that The Compound offers when the weather is so freakishly mild.
Frolic guests should note that the pond has wireless service. How cool is that?

3 Responses to “Moonlight shadows”

  1. Paris Hilton says:

    “the pond has wireless service”…

    Will there be complimentary mints on the pillows and a breakfast buffet in the main lobby?

  2. Randy Fiedler says:

    Beverage service is far more important at the Compound.

    And did you howl at the full moon?

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