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Yard work


Not much yardwork one can do in March but if you’re imaginative there’s a chore to fit even a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Partagas Cuban cigar for George, and a walloping good spring training game on the iPhone for me. 18-2 so far. Brandon has a hit but his position rival has a Grand Slam.
Light snow falling and the breeze that helped to light the fire has almost gone. Yep, this is bettr than finishing up the income taxes.

4 Responses to “Yard work”

  1. S. Bear says:

    You got a permit for that fire?

    • JA says:

      Silly bear, permits aren’t required until after the fire bans are set – usually April 1st.

  2. Randy Fiedler says:

    Could have used a fire for the drive to the Excited States today; plenty of slush and wind and snow. Of course, Alberta is knee deep in snow – we know seeing as we rive through it yesterday and this morning – and tomorrow we’ll be in Utah where the temp is to be 19 C for days.

    We’ll look for a cigar store in St. George so we can pick at least a few up for our own St. George.

  3. Da SKERRRRRRRRG!!!! says:

    You’re burning things.

    Without me.

    I like to burn things.

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