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We went where?

I mentioned to George last night that although I remember leaving the Dentist office, I don’t remember the ride home. Recall prescription sedative?
George asks “You remember going to Tim Hortons?”
I don’t, but I know I woke up yesterday afternoon with a cafe mocha at my bedside, so I assumed there was a drive through visit.

George asks “You remember ordering a bagel?”
I don’t, and I never order a bagel. What’s up with that?

George asks “You remember where we were before Tim Hortons?”
I don’t, and I’m getting tired of this game. Where the heck did you take me?

Apparently we visited the Kovats house, Anthony, Diana and the Wizard dog. Admired the reno work in the kitchen. Sat in the back yard and chatted.
I have no recollection at all, although if pressed I think I have a detached feeling of sitting under a gazebo facing the house. I think Diana was to my left. I’ve got nothin’ else. And since I’ve been told about the gazebo already, this memory may be pure invention on my brain’s part to mess with me.

I sure hope I didn’t say anything stupid. I did ordered a bagel after all.

One Response to “We went where?”

  1. Diana Kovats says:

    Your imagination is creating stories…we took the gazebo down last year! JK!

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