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Canoe weather

In between rain showers yesterday evening I noticed the family of geese taking their swimming lessons. There are four babies, still at the fuzzy yellow stage. I was pretty sure there used to be five.
The canoe, unfortunately, was filled with more rain water than I could noiselessly empty, so I wasn’t able to sneak onto the pond without them noticing. But I did manage to catch up with them before they headed into the reeds, and then complaining, stomped off through the neighbour’s freshly mowed pasture.
The beaver was out doing rounds. I think I spotted a pair of Canvasbacks. They aren’t usual visitors. A pair of Coots. A pair of Mallards, of course. I haven’t seen the Grebes in a while. No Buffleheads this year, which is sad, they’re my favourite. Lots of duck weed. Weedy enough to drag on the paddle.
Both my orange creatures watched from the shore. Mulder looking sad, wishing he had the strength to make it down to the water’s edge. Levi looking like he knew he was missing out on something fun. That cat will follow me anywhere. So when he stepped out along some logs, I pulled up and waited for him to come aboard. I learned my lesson last year and didn’t try to push off, but one of these days….

One Response to “Canoe weather”

  1. Lynda says:

    Love the photo. But it does make me sad that Mulder couldn’t make it down to the shoreline.
    Poor pup.

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