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Mulder vs the Porcupine

The title says it all.

Mulder forgot, ten years after his last experience, that porcupines aren’t cuddly. He had a snootful of quills at 10 p.m. and was in agony all night long.  I got about 3 hours sleep that night as he couldn’t sit, couldn’t sleep but wanted to be with me just in case I could help. (George was still away) We were at the vets the moment they opened the door in the morning, and took him in for the day. (Not a good day for me at the office – I was pretty worried about a 12 year old dog on anaesthesia)

He’s fine now and hopefully repentent. We’ll see if that lasts another 10 years ;)

One Response to “Mulder vs the Porcupine”

  1. Mikey says:

    That is unfortunate. Here’s hoping he doesn’t forget this time!

    liebe gruße,

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