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Bright lights, big pretty

More snow and bizarre temperatures fluctuate 25 degree differences from one day to the next, where a daytime high occurs in the middle of the night.
The new TV is giving us grief. One feels bad paying $1000 for high def and then hooking up the rabbit-ears. Do we now sign up for satellite? And opt for the HD package? Would be silly not to get the PVR in that case. Upsell…upsell…geez louise, we’re happy with 5 channels, can’t we just purchase some reception?
My indoor plants have all but perished – even the geranium. Sigh, I really thought this was going to be my year to get them through the winter and back out to the garden in spring. Oddly enough it was when I switched to watering with melted snow, and stopped using the mineral packed well water – the stuff so nasty it leaves a crust on the soil surface. Who knew the plants would like it best?

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